Еврохит Топ 40

Дата Место Очки Рейтинг
05/06/1999 38 3 139
12/06/1999 35 9 122
19/06/1999 35 15 120
26/06/1999 32 24 116
03/07/1999 35 30 111
Наивысшая позиция: 32
Недель в хит-параде: 5
Количество очков 30

Текст песни

She doesn't dare to open her eyes
'Cause everytime she does a part of her dies
Her eyelids, protecting her from the outside
Locked in her cage with all her rage
And then the tears came
And then the tears came
And then the tears came rolling, rolling down
Yeah, and then the tears came rolling down
She took it too far, she was to brave
You can't take away, what God once gave
Water, nutrition and the comfort of the cage
Red turns to gray, fading away
So we have to keep her in this room
She's a flower
Who desperately trying to bloom