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Ciara feat. Missy Elliott - 1, 2 Step

 - 1, 2 Step

Дата релиза 2 ноября 2004

Еврохит Топ 40

Дата Место Очки Место в рейтинге
23 июля 2005 37 4 1181
30 июля 2005 35 вверх 10 1123
6 августа 2005 31 вверх 20 1066
13 августа 2005 29 вверх 32 995
20 августа 2005 31 вниз 42 947
27 августа 2005 39 вниз 44 937
Наивысшая позиция - 29
Недель в хит-параде - 6
Количество очков - 44
(2226 место в общем рейтинге)

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Австралия 2
Австрия 42
Валлония 15
Великобритания 3
Весь мир 9
Германия 7
Ирландия 3
Италия 12
Нидерланды 12
Новая Зеландия 2
Соединённые Штаты Америки 2
Финляндия 10
Фландрия 14
Франция 31
Швейцария 5
Швеция 23

Текст песни

Ladies and gentlemen (Ladies and gentlemen)
This is a Jazze Phizal (Jazze Phizal) productshizzle,
Missy (Missy),
The princess is here,
(She's here) Ciara, This beat is

[Verse 1]
Automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh,
Work my body so melodic,
This beat flows right through my chest,
Everybody ma and pappi came to party,
Grab somebody, work your body, work your body,
Let me see you 1,2 step

Rock it, don't stop it,
Everybody get on the floor,
Wake the party up,
We about to get it on,
(Let me see ya'll)
1,2 step,
(I love it when ya'll)
1,2 step
1,2 step,
We about to get it on

This beat is

[Verse 2]
Outrageous so contagious make you crave it,
(Jazze made it),
So retarded, top charted,
Ever since the day I started,
Strut my stuff,
And yes I flaunt it,
Goodies make the boys jump on it
(Jump on it),
No I can't control myself,
Now let me do my 1,2 step


(We going to step it like this. Oooohwee)

It don't matter to me,
We can dance slow
(Ladies and gentlemen),
Whichever way the beats drop,
Our bodies will go
(I like this ah),
So swing it over here,
Mr. DJ (Hey,Hey),
And we will, we will rock you up
It don't matter to me,
We can dance slow
(Dance slow yeah),
Whichever way the beats drop,
Our bodies will go,
So swing it over here,
Mr. DJ (Ladies and gentlemen),
And we will, we will rock you,
Lets shake

I shake it like jello,
And make the boys say hello,
Cause they know I'm rockin' the beat
(Rocking the beat),
I know you heard about a lot of great MC's,
But they ain't got nothing on me (nothing on me),
Because I'm 5 foot 2,
I wanna dance with you,
And I'm sophisticated fun,
I eat fillet mignon,
And I'm nice and young,
Best believe I'm number one

[Hook x2]

This is for the hearing impaired,
A Jazze Pha production

[Fade out]