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Stuntmasterz - The Ladyboy Is Mine

 - The Ladyboy Is Mine

Дата релиза 0000

Еврохит Топ 40

Дата Место Очки Место в рейтинге
15 сентября 2001 34 7 562
22 сентября 2001 32 вверх 16 529
29 сентября 2001 35 вниз 22 520
6 октября 2001 33 вверх 30 497
13 октября 2001 30 вверх 41 469
20 октября 2001 25 вверх 57 431
27 октября 2001 27 вниз 71 411
3 ноября 2001 25 вверх 87 395
10 ноября 2001 26 вниз 102 387
17 ноября 2001 30 вниз 113 376
24 ноября 2001 32 вниз 122 364
1 декабря 2001 32 простой 131 355
8 декабря 2001 35 вниз 137 352
15 декабря 2001 38 вниз 140 349
Наивысшая позиция - 25
Недель в хит-параде - 14
Количество очков - 140
(1801 место в общем рейтинге)

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Текст песни

You need to give it up.
Had about enough.
It's not hard to see, the boy is mine.
I'm sorry that you
Seem to be confused
He belongs to me
The boy is mine

I think it's time we got this straight
let's sit and talk face to face
There is no way you could mistake
him for your man - are you insane?

See I know that you may be
just a bit jealous of me.
But you're blind If you can't see
that his love is all in me.

You see I try to hesitate
I didn't want to say what he told me
He said without me he couldn't make
it through the day, ain't that a shame.

Maybe your misunderstood
Cause I can't see how he could
wanna change something that's so good
Because my love was all it took.


Must you do the things you do
keep on acting like a fool
You need to know it's me not you
And if you didn't know it girl, it's true.

I think that you should realize
I'm trying to understand why
He is a part of my life
I know it's killing you inside.

You can say what you want to say
What we have you can't take
From the truth you can't escape
I can tell the real from the fake.

When will you get the picture
Your the past I'm the future
Get away it's my time to shine
if you didn't know the boy is mine.

(chorus x2)

You can't destroy this love I've found
Your silly games I won't allow
the boy is mine without a doubt
You might as well throw in the towel.

What makes you think that he wants you
when I'm the one that brought him to
special places in my heart
Cause he was my love from the start

(chorus x2)

Not yours!

But mine!

(repeat x3)