Еврохит Топ 40

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03/10/2009 5 36 1352
10/10/2009 10 67 1197
17/10/2009 21 87 1132
24/10/2009 6 122 1028
31/10/2009 19 144 975
07/11/2009 28 157 945
14/11/2009 27 171 917
Наивысшая позиция: 5
Недель в хит-параде: 7
Количество очков 171

Текст песни


[Kid Cudi]

[Hook: Patsy Cline & Kid Cudi]
Strange, how you stopped loving me (loving me)
How you stopped needing me (needing me)
When she came along (Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh)
Strange, you changed like night and day (night and day)
Just up and walked away (walked away)
When she came along (Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh)

[Verse 1:Kid Cudi]
Hey,uh,uh,oh baby baby
I was upset and you know you shady
Blame it on me like I'm fugazy
I put in work and you got lazy
Now you sayin' it's shame on me
You left with a chick with a set of double D's
Why should we separate like Siamese
Didn't anybody tell you sex better in threes
I can be the reason that you both knock kneed
If I tell my homie Zulee he wouldn't knock me
Try to tell me lies, but you're so sloppy
When you leave with your friends, they all jock me
I understand if she know how to please you
I understand if she lovin' And tease You
In my right mind I should probably leave you
Why can't all three of us be peoples

[Hook and Kid Cudi]

[Verse 2:Kid Cudi]
Yo, please listen
Uh, uh, don't dip out baby
I can live life fine with two ladies
Two heads are better than the one God gave me
And I'm messed up, been stressin' lately
Please Tell Me, know you gotta feel how I feel
Imagine us lounging together And I feel you, while you feel her, and she feel Me
Love triangle, love in all angles
If you spend more time, I won't trip or spazz out
'Long as when we home we freak out
And let your friends know exactly what we 'bout
More heavy fam, we living our dreams out
Sexy, I know you probably think you can be stress-free
Without K.I.D., but you gon' see if you ever left, never get it better
You'll miss me

Ohh Baby, ohh baby, just talk to me, just tell me let's work it out
Hey baby, I need you baby (both of yall)
Baby, I need you baby (both of yall)
I Need You Baby.Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh,Na Na Oh,Na Na Oh
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Na Na Oh, Na Na Oh, Na, Oh

[Kid Cudi]
Take my hand, baby girl let's roll
I can make you feel okay, Just take my hand, both of you
I can make you feel okay, okay

[Hook and Kid Cudi] x2

Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh,Na Na Oh, Na Na Oh
Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh,Na Na Oh, Na Na Oh, Na,Oh