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Kind Of Blue - The Same

Еврохит Топ 40

Дата Место Очки Место в рейтинге
9 декабря 2000 37 4 434
16 декабря 2000 32 вверх 13 400
23 декабря 2000 32 простой 22 386
Наивысшая позиция - 32
Недель в хит-параде - 3
Количество очков - 22
(2339 место в общем рейтинге)

Текст песни

Today I climbed a rock
To see what I have got
But what should I say
It was the same as yesterday
At the sea I met my fate
It was a little late
Silly I heard myself say
Kick your ass and move your way
Now every day? s the same same same
Silly game game game
Day turns to night
But darkness never sees the light
On a clock I saw the past
It just had stopped to last
When I returned in time
The past was never mine
On a tree I met a bird
Singin? ?bout the way it hurts
That loneliness will stay
Then the bird flew away
Tonight I climbed the moon
And found myself in gloom
But what should I say
I didn’t fade away