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Captain Jack - Say Captain Say Wot

 - Say Captain Say Wot

Дата релиза 0000

Еврохит Топ 40

Дата Место Очки Место в рейтинге
22 декабря 2001 27 14 581
5 января 2002 35 вниз 20 570
Наивысшая позиция - 27
Недель в хит-параде - 2
Количество очков - 20
(2423 место в общем рейтинге)

Текст песни

When the party is packed, but the people are wack
They don't know how to act always on your back
Say Captain - Say Captain

When you feel like a star, want a drink at the bar
But you can't get far, nobody knows who you are
Say Captain - Say Captain

Life is just too much for you
You just don't know what to do
Can't make it now how no way
This is what you say

Say Captain say wot, say Captain say wot
Say Captain say wot, say Captain say wot

When your late for work and your boss is a jerk
Starts yelling and screaming till your feelings are hurt
Say Captain - Say Captain

When your bills are high and you're trying to get by
You're about to die but before you cry
Say Captain - Say Captain